Ehret, Inc. Sewer ServicesEhret, Inc offers a full line of options to help correct any sewer issues you may be experiencing.


We have the experience and the equipment to clear even the toughest drains.


Using state-of-the-art equipment, which we tow it to your site, water is pressurized to create a powerful streams of water to cut through the toughest blockages.  By varying the water pressure and the volume of water we’re using we’re able to clean your sewer or drain line and scrub it clean! Since we use ordinary water under pressure, water jetting is environmentally safe and economical.

Video inspection Can Help Diagnose

Root Control

RootX was engineered to limit the exposure issues and environmental impacts that other root control formulas were producing, and to remove pipeline roots without affecting the treatment systems at the wastewater treatment plant downstream. RootX was also engineered for fast, simple and cost-effective applications that don’t require extensive training or expensive add-on equipment. For over 20 years, RootX has been a simple, effective and proven solution for pipeline root control.

Sewer Line Locator

Using the latest technology, we can locate your existing sewer lines without extensive digging This equipment will pinpoint the location of your problem area and save you the expense and trouble of digging up your entire yard. We can help save time, money and your lawn by directing the technician to the point of the problem.

  • Cracked sewer lateral.
  • Bellied drain line.
  • Separated lateral joint.
  • Debris blockage.
  • Root intrusion.
  • Leaking pipe joints.
  • Deteriorated piping materials.

We offer the experience, personnel and all of the equipment if your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced. Owning our own equipment removed the cost of renting equipment, or hiring an outside company, which saves you money!

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